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Motion Graphics/3D Showreel

Gone Dark

Calico Queens

VisualStrata – ‘Booth Presentation’

Phil Jones – ‘Keynote Speaker Portrait’

Vi Trainer – ‘Experience’

‘Vi Trainer vs. Personal Trainer’

Vi Trainer – ‘AppStore & GooglePlay’

Dolby – ‘Atmos & Cinema’

Vi Trainer – ‘Red Winter’

Proven Skincare – ‘Testimonials’

Vi Sense – ‘QVC’



The Donor

Vodafone – ‘Handset’

Huawei – ‘W Phone’

Mario Testino – ‘Retrospective’

Citi Group – ‘E For Education’

EMEA CCB – ‘Conference Awards Opener’

HSBC – ‘Cycling’

Henderson Global

Citi Bank – ‘MVP Animation’

Ingenious Britain

Dole – The Series

Colcoa Film Festival’s 20th Anniversary Afterparty

Veet – ‘Typhoon’

Grass Is Greener



Between Snow & Stars


The Rejection

London Lite

The Five Steps – Part I

The Five Steps – Part II

The Five Steps – Part III


The Man In The Stairs

Ballet Of Mundanity

3 Beat – ‘Sigma’

Alfresco – ‘Yes HairCare’

3 Beat – ‘Power House’

3 Beat – ‘Inna: Party Never Ends’

Unicef – ‘Landmine Awareness Day’

Jala – ‘Nature’

Jala – ‘Dia Juice’

Azercell – ‘SMS Melody’

Doymak – ‘Witchcraft’

Danone – ‘Breakfast’

Danone – ‘Active Life’

Danone – ’14 Days’

Nike/Foot Locker – ‘Be The Revolution Of You’

Derbisek – ‘Reflections’

The Traps – ‘Your Headland’

Sick Individuals & Axwell – ‘I Am’

The Chaps – ‘Stalkopoly’

Remember The Hurricanes – ‘Kill Us Alive’

Tally Koren – ‘Free Will’

Tally Koren – ‘Hallelujah’

Anar – ‘Tappadim’

Anna Scheider – ‘The Sky’

Dove – ‘Men Care’

Barclays – ‘Little Book Of Wonders’

Wells Healthcare – ‘Great Minds’