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North Kingdom – ‘IBM’s Terminal’

By Charles H. Joslain

On 06, Jun 2020 | In | By Charles H. Joslain

North Kingdom – ‘IBM’s Terminal’

Interactive and immersive video game website, scripted & designed for the promotion of IBM’s new cyber security system.

The game introduces the player to the role of the ‘Analyst’ in the 1st Act; the goal is to help track, identify and neutralize a hack in the security system of the airport terminal (the play-on-word with the terminal application is not an accident of course).

Client – IBM
Creative Director – Magnus Östergren
Producer – Tom Vaillant
Agency – North Kingdom

Writer (cinematics) – Charles H. Joslain

The game can be played online


Designing the narrative was a highly complex and highly structured process, requiring the entire team to contribute according to what the developers could code into the eventual final online game play; hence designing multiple storylines which would all have ramifications towards key narrative driving points which has been identified and highlighted in advance:

The player gets to interact with multiple NPCs and open various tabs to highlight and neutralize the threats to the system.

  1. Please see a sample of the script below and how the developers used it for the opening scene of the game:

  2. A lot of ‘noise’ had to be written as options for the developers to implement as a way to confuse and bombard the player with information; some useful, some not. See the script sample below and how it was tweaked and used into the game:

And please watch below the various videos which have been created for the Intro, Mid-levels, Outro and Map transitions: