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By Charles H. Joslain

On 25, Jan 2019 | In | By Charles H. Joslain

Calico Queens

‘Calico Queens’ is the 14-min proof of concept for the larger upcoming feature project of the same name. It tells the story of two brothers (Everett Moss & Josh Plasse) who grew up in the wild 1860’s American West to become professional gamblers and chiselers.

Our amazing cast features several celebrities including Danny Trejo (Machete, Heat, Con Air), Raphael Sbarge (Law & Order, Once Upon a Time) and Hilty Bowen (Guardians of the Galaxy 2).

For more info please check our IDMB page.

Genre: Comedy Western
Writer: Josh Plasse & Everett Moss
Director: Charles H. Joslain
Producer: Ace Salvador
DoP: Jordan Pacheco
Editors: Jordan Pacheco & Charles H. Joslain
VFX: Vanity VFX

Making of