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The Donor

By Charles H. Joslain

On 06, Sep 2017 | In | By Charles H. Joslain

The Donor

‘The Donor’ is wonderful new drama project I have the luck to be a part of thanks to producer Wis Petter. Wis wrote a fantastic first draft of the script and took me on board to help expand the scope of the story and add more gravitas to it.
Set in the Middle-East on the border between Israel & Gaza, we follow the struggle of Yael the wife of an elderly man who suffer from a rare heart condition needs an urgent organ transplant.
I am delighted to say it is now a truly humane story with powerful message of peace and hope which brings even more value given its location…

We have shot a couple of test scenes to help with the fundraising and From the Heart Productions has been secured as our fiscal sponsor. The pitch deck is posted below for those who wish to read more about it and possibly get involved.

Genre: Drama
Writer: Wis Petter & Charles H. Joslain
Director: Charles H. Joslain
Producer: Wis Petter
DoP: Clifton Stommel

‘The Donor’ pitch deck