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Vi Trainer – ‘AI Prompts’

By Charles H. Joslain

On 01, May 2019 | In | By Charles H. Joslain

Vi Trainer – ‘AI Prompts’

Vi Trainer is an AI personal trainer that motivates users to run and guides them while running.

Client – Vi Trainer
Creative Director – Clifford Chen
Producer – Suzi Chen
Production Company – Lotus

Senior Writer – Charles H. Joslain


Under the direction of Clifford Chen the Chief of Creative Experience, I was hired as Senior Writer to design and introduce new ‘prompts’ as they were referred to, to be added to the sequences.
‘Prompts’ were interjections from the AI, following pre-recorded workouts, as well as responses to the user when that user would ask for their distance left, heart rate, pace, etc…

  1. The process was arduous and complex, starting with a thorough look at our market user base:

  2. Then followed by the several ‘scripts’ written as a way to design the narrative around each run & find the correct tone to frame the personality for our AI character Vi:

  3. Then came the process of visualizing all the areas we have mentally identified which our narratives needed to address, hence creating and working within a immense Figma board:

  4. Next was the huge task of mapping out the runs and the prompts, creating dozens of timelines mimicking the use of the app and therefore the experience of the user from the first to the last second:

  5. Finally, the actual writing of the ‘prompts’, listed according to the run, time in the day, date within the year, according to public events & holidays, natural runs vs. treadmill runs, etc… The dozens and dozens of workout variants designed and scripted, lead to the recording of prompts by the thousands:

  6. All in all, Vi Trainer was one of the most complex, high hierarchy projects I’ve ever taken part in, and the most fantastic way to ease myself into games/app narrative writing.